Is it wrong to love a gadget so much? My music/gadget obsession all started in the early 80's with the advent of "The Walkman". It was only a matter of time before someone made a device that allowed vinyl lovers to transport their LPs: The Sound Burger (aka Mister Disc). It runs off of three C batteries and has a built in pre-amp, RCA outputs, plus two headphone jacks.

Since winning one off eBay last year, I'm been transferring my rare Guided by Voices albums to digital with ease. I love my SoundBurger!

My introduction to the Sound Burger was from the 80's game show Starcade. Check it out.

The design is printed on a soft navy American Apparel t-shirt. Check the sizing chart to make sure you get the right fit.




Sound BurgerSound BurgerSound Burger